Thursday, June 19, 2008

Europe Visit


I am back from a visit overseas to Italy, Greece, and Croatia. It was my first visit to Europe and extra exciting for me. We started in Venice, Italy. Wow! A city of water (canal) streets and amazing architecture!

After leaving Venice, we headed to Greece. I loved visiting Olympia and the site where the original Olympic training and events were held. We stood at the spot where to this day the torch to start the Olympics is lit.

Being in Athens was interesting. Experiencing the Acropolis and the temples made of marble columns and marble steps was really amazing. Athens is a huge, crowded, and busy city with the ancient setting of Acropolis looking down over it.

In Santorini, a city built high above on the highest point of the Island, we took a rail car up to main activity. The shopping was excellent and the charm and atmosphere walking along the winding stone streets was a real pleasure to experience.

Later in Mykonos, we experienced the best meal of the week overlooking a beautiful bay as the sun was setting on the water. Mykonos had a lazy beauty about it and I would like to go back an explore more of the island.

Corfu was fun and the place where we experienced the island from a jeep! The roads where narrow, windy and tricky and I was grateful that I didn't have to be the one navigating but could have the luxury of taking in the beautiful views as we wound up and down the mountain.

The last stop before heading back to Venice was Dubrovnik, Croatia. We visited an amazing castle/fortress that houses a small city inside. Now it has beautiful churches, statues, restaurants, and shops inside, but you can really imagine how life must have been back years ago when it served as a sound and solid city protected by invasion by it's great fortress, moat and drawbridge.

Back in Venice we had more time to shop and explore the Murano glass. I felt inspired to bring back some beautiful rosaries made from Murano glass that are now available in the center.

The trip was fantastic, and so was coming back home and landing in the good 'ole US of A! There really is nothing like coming home and I gained a new appreciation for the United States and what it offers and provides us citizens!