Sunday, August 24, 2008

September 16th - Mother Meera Silent Darshan Coming to Ann Arbor!

Mother Meera will be visiting Ann Arbor on September 16, 2008 at the Townsley Auditorium at Washtenaw College. There will be 2 separate sessions. One at 2pm and one at 7pm.

I first experienced the silent Darshan with Mother Meera in Chicago 2 years ago. It was a deeply profound experience that impacted me greatly. I was new to the experience and had never heard of it before. It intrigued me and I decided to experience it for myself. The silence and meditation prior to and after receiving the individual darshan was very healing. A companion I was with did not feel the need to experience the direct individual darshan and instead remained in meditation and experienced a deeply personal transformational shift. Darshan is unique and different from more common energy work. Below is an excerpt from Gerald Robbins from the Mother Meera Ann Arbor Website: that gives futher informationa and details. A person must sign up for the free Darshan experience prior to the event.

What is Darshan
Published on 07/14/08 at 22:50:51 EST by Gerald Robbins

What is a Darshan? Darshan means vision or seeing the Divine. It is the experience of receiving a vision, blessing, or feeling of a Divine presence through meditation, prayer, deep aspiration, or simply by sudden grace. First we kneel, bow down (pranam) in front of Mother Meera, and then she takes our head between her hands. When she removes her hands, we look up into her eyes. When she drops her eyes, this is the cue that the individual darshan with Mother Meera is finished. "Description from Mother Meera's Book, ANSWERS, Part I" Mother Meera: On the back of the human being is a white line running up from toes to the head. In fact, two lines start from the toes, rise along the legs, join at the base of the spine and then become a single line reaching the top of the head. This line is thinner than a hair and has some knots in it here and there which divine personalities help to undo. It is very delicate work and great care has to be taken to undo the knots, as there is danger for your life if the thread is broken. When I hold your head I am untying these knots. I am also removing other kinds of obstacles to your sadhana (spiritual practice and self-discipline). When I touch your head, the Light moves upwards in the white line. It indicates, like a meter, the development of our sadhana. When there is no progress, the Light moves downwards along the line, showing the degree to which your sadhana has deteriorated. When the Light is continuous from the toes to the top of the head, the person may have many experiences and visions, although some people have visions and experiences without this white line. When the line gets to the top of the head, people have the Paramatman darshan. When the line has gone above the head, then there is a constant relation with Paramatman. If your aspiration weakens, the line moves downwards as I said. One day you might even fall from your sadhana. This is a great crisis, which can, however, be prevented. In the front of the body are two red lines starting from the toes, growing gradually upwards on either side of the legs and tending to meet at the base of the spine where the white lines become a single one. If the red lines reach the white line, you will achieve absolute detachment. This rarely happens and only those who have the Divine Shakti. By the growth of the white and red lines, the sadhana will be established permanently without possibility of a fall. If the red lines develop fully, you will reach great heights. The white lines will also help to support the experiences of those who have a psychic opening. Even when there is a psychic opening there is still the possibility that it will close. The opening of the psychic is effective for sadhana, but it is not enough. The establishment of the white and red lines will help you to keep the psychic continually open. If the psychic can be compared to a flower, the lines are the plant itself. When Mother Meera is finished with pranam, we look into her eyes in silence and then this is what she is doing: Mother Meera: I am looking into every corner of your being. I am looking at everything within you to see where I can help, where I can give healing and power. At the same time, I am giving Light to every part of your being, I am opening every part of yourself to Light. When you are open you will feel and see this clearly.