Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hello Everyone!

Wow....things have really been busy lately. The John of God event at Omega in New York was really great. 1500 people came daily and they did 800 interventions on the first day along. We sat in current for an average of 6 hours a day with a few longer days. Medium Joao was really pleased with the energy template that he experienced there and from all perspectives it was a wonderful event.

My 2 week trip back to Brazil was exceptional. We enjoyed an easy and effortless time that was well supported from beginning to end. I was able to spend more time under the sacred waterfall this trip and I have come to the conclusion it is my favorite place on earth to be...truly magical.

I just completed a 5 day intensive in Ohio with Rosalyn Bruyere. She is considered by many to be the finest healer in North America, I agree. I greatly enjoyed my time, and learned some valuable energy techniques that address brain related issues such as Alzheimer's, Autism, Parkinson's, Stroke's and Seizures among many more. I am excited to bring these techniques into my energy sessions and am hopeful of the positive impact.

I am also carrying some wonderful new products: crystals from John of God that have been blessed under the sacred waterfall, sacred cleanse soap which is made with Aborigine ash and blessed water from the casa. There are some very cool pictures taken of the soap that show beautiful light orbs coming off of it. I also had some drinking water blessed by the Entities of John of God shipped to the center which is available for purchase.


The Tuesday night meditations will be held weekly starting immediately. One Reiki share a month will be held on a Wednesday, see the calendar for the schedule.

David Griffin - Official Guide to the casa of John of God
I have partnered up with another official guide to the casa to co-lead trips to Brazil and the healing casa of John of God. His name is David Griffin and our next trip is scheduled for January 26 through February 7th. For more information on David, see his website here.