Friday, July 11, 2008

New Pages on Website

There are 4 new link page additions to my main website: Products, Articles, Media, and information on experiencing guided trips to see the amazing healer called "John of God" in Brazil. The Article and Media pages are coming soon. Check out the cool items on the products page that you see at the Center, or purchased online directly from this site.

Below is a sampling of some products now available at Beloved Spirit Center:


These Elixirs are powerfully gentle tools to help support your healing process. They assist in making deeper connections to your life's purpose, clear and balance distorted energy patterns and beliefs, support deep healing of your relationships, physical ailments, emotional pain, and mental struggles. They enhance financial prosperity, expand emotional and mental well being and help reduce chronic pain and physical issues. Each Elixir is targeted to focus on specific areas of assistance.

$15.00/each bottle - in stock at Beloved Spirit Center


These Oils are used by me during healing sessions and by the group during Meditation and Reiki share night. They are wonderful tools that strengthen and open your connection to the higher healing vibrations and Universal Love source. The are excellent for use directly on the skin where you experience physical pain and discomfort, on the chakra's for adjusting and balancing, in bath water for a pampering soak, and are beautifully fragrant perfumes.

In stock at the Center or can be ordered directly from the "Products" page on the main website:

1/3 ounce bottle $30.00
1/6 ounce bottle $20.00

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We had our first group support/meditation night last week on Tuesday. We set the energetic template for the room as well as any future group and experienced a very strong yet peaceful meditation. There is a prayer basket in the center of the room that holds the requests and prayers for many people. This is actively worked with during the meditation time as well as supported throughout the week when I place it under the crystal bed. I invite anyone who wishes to join us on Tuesday nights and add their request card to the basket or stop in to the center and fill one out if you are not able to make the Tuesday night group. It is a simple yet profoundly impactful way to support yourself, your family, your friends, and your acquaintances in a way that allows the power of God and the Universe to provide it's abundance in your life. It is a simple yet deep way to connect to the highest source beyond our limited consciousness that supports manifestation and transformation to occur.
Meditation/Support Group Evenings:
July 15,29
August 12, 26
September 9,23
October 7
November 4,18